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When it comes to feeding a large number of people, this is a major issue, however nowadays it's a lot simpler to accommodate a wide range of people since you can choose from a wide range of options to what you can do to accommodate the needs of your guests. 

The most popular style of eating for an gathering is a sit-down dinner with a choice of appetizer, main course, and dessert. It is possible to pre-order the food so that the guests can select at the time of the event from the menu of three choices or the set menu with a single option for those who prefer meat and another for vegetarian. It is usually a tables that the event venue or an external catering service could arrange. This can be employed for many events like weddings as well as Gala Dinners, Conferences and Awards Dinners. 

There are alternatives for those who want to move away from the standard food service, such as Buffets - Another well-liked option, and guests can select and decide the food they want to consume. This could include hot and cold choices including salads, desserts and salads that can be customized to suit your preferences or theme. If you decide to offer an open buffet, you can choose to have it served by the venue's caterer, for an elegant look or even as a self-service alternative. BBQ - An excellent option to get people into the summer spirit With a BBQ chef serving a variety of options of meat, fish and vegetarian options, your guests are able to choose the items they want to eat and you can then add the salad bar that they can then enjoy. 

Based on the event, the amount of food you serve is not the most ideal alternative, so there are other solutions that still allow guests to be served regardless of whether it's more of a novelty. Hog Roast - An easy solution that is a hit at all events. A company could enter to prepare, serve and remove it at the same time and do not require much space. 

Canapes – If you're seeking something that is a lighter option, or to keep your guests' appetite from getting too full before serving the main course, this option works very well. Canapes are typically served on plates and waiters or waitresses stroll around the tables serving guests. There is a vast range of flavors and foods that can be customized to fit any occasion. Canapes are great when you're planning a specific theme because you can make and style them according. 

Ice Cream Bike/Cart - These are getting quite well-known and are available in various styles like an ice cream bicycle, cart, or even a person serving ice cream in a tray similar to what the ones you'd see at the theater or cinema. This is a good idea for dessert. Sweet Table Sweet Table - This is an excellent idea especially, for children. You can include a selection of your most loved sweets, which children can choose from. 

Picnic boxes - You might consider them as a child's party, but this is a great idea when you are hosting a big event and lunch is only a brief period of time. Guests can pick up and go and carry it along. The theme can be themed for the event with the contents of the box, and the box itself could be customized. It is a great way to incorporate any promotional items to promote the occasion. 

Festival Feel - If you are hosting an enormous crowd, regardless of whether it's an outdoor or indoor occasion, you can include a variety of food stalls such as pizza vans, fish and chips trucks, pizza vans, Pimms stalls, etc. You can cater to many people. You can give guests an invitation to eat by inviting them to carry the type of meal they would like to eat in exchange for the food. When you are looking to select a caterer/location, make sure you take a look around and talk to people who have recommendations. can be a great point to begin. 

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